Six Figures A Month selling a Notion 
“Knowledge Template”?
Let the Notion Millions System Show You Exactly How You Can Profit From This Crazy New Industry With Absolutely No Skills.
Use the power of No Code and AI to SIMPLY COPY AND PASTE to create the content!
Six Figures A Month selling a Notion 
“Knowledge Template”?
Let the Notion Millions System Show You Exactly How You Can Profit From This Crazy New Industry With Absolutely No Skills.
Use the power of No Code and AI to SIMPLY COPY AND PASTE to create the content!

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I’ve done almost 200K in the first couple of months of 2023.

I’m on pace for 7 figures this year.

How did I do that? I did it by sharing knowledge that take seconds to create that sells over and over again. I am becoming a master of leveraging my time. I create something in seconds that gets me paid 24 hours a day.

My newest strategy is selling Notion “Knowledge Templates”. They are so simple to create yet so powerful for money making.

How did this come about for me and how can you profit from this?

It started a few months ago when I found out about a couple of guys crushing it with Notion Templates. One guy did 200K with this. The other is doing 100k Months.

When I discovered this for myself it was right up my alley.

I’ve been crushing it for years selling simple digital products.

On one platform alone I’ll be pushing
4 million by the end of the year.

I knew I coud crush it with Notion. Why? Because it is so simple to do when you use the power of AI and the Notion Millions strategy that I came up with!

When it comes down to it success online truly comes down to one thing. That is giving the market what they want and being able to do it faster than anyone else.

The real trick to it for me and what I suggest for you is getting on top of new innovative trends before everyone else.

For example I did that with Bitcoin years before “everyone” was talking about it. I did that with AI years before anyone else was using it. I can go on and on. I personally like being on the forefront of trends.

If you have followed me for some time you know that is what I am all about. My goal is to leverage the power of easy to do strategies that make money with the RIGHT timing. The timing, along with the market desire, along with the Notion Millions process makes you crush it!

I knew I could crush it with Notion.
And now you can too!
Why? Because this system is so simple.

NOW is the time to crush
it with Notion.

Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool designed to help users organize their work and personal lives more efficiently.

Notion allows users to create, share, and collaborate on a wide range of content types, including notes, tasks, projects, documents, and databases.

That might sound intimidating but it really isn’t.

The way I look at notion is this.

People lead busy lives and they are constantly running all over the place. They are also into all kinds of different niches. Imagine that their life is like a mess toy box. 

Notion makes that toy box (your life)  where you can keep all of your ideas, plans, and things you need to remember. You can make different spaces for different things, like a space for your drawings or a list of your favorite toys and put everything in your life where it needs to be. You put your toys in order!

You can also share your toy box with your friends and family so you can play and create things together. Notion helps you keep everything neat and tidy, making it easy to find what you're looking for when you need it.

This is where the magic happens.

For any niche you can create a notion
“knowledge template” and sell it to them.

I break down exactly where to sell these templates for the most profit. You need to know where to go and the easiest way to do this in order to have success. 

This is all without having to have a pre existing following, be on camera, or anything else holding you back. You can be completely anonymous. It doesn’t matter what country you come from, your gender, your level of education etc. This is about supply and demand.

The supply is small and the demand is high for what Notion Millions brings to the table. If you want success then pick this up. If you want to follow another strategy that doesn’t get you paid then pass on this.

For me my biggest challenge is time. I don’t have a bunch of time to create these templates. That is where I differ from others that are crushing it with Notion Templates. In the marketing world we are all now aware of AI and some of the crazy things it can do. Well in the notion world they aren’t.

I let the power of AI do all of
the creating for me.

Notion Millions is an easy to consume pdf product that breaks down this whole system, including the free AI tool I use to make this go insane.

For any niche I’ll show you how to let AI create the template in seconds. With all of the heavy lifting done with AI you simply post it and have it available to be sold 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It truly is seconds of time for 365 days a year of payments.

Once you have set it up it sells over and over again. You wouldn’t believe how much money you can make from this.

Results like this are possible selling templates.

Could you use an extra $1,400 a day with
only taking seconds of your time? 

It isn’t just me doing this. Regular people from all over the world are starting to make a killing.

This is a brand new industry.

You may say to yourself why would
people buy notion templates?

Here Is The Typical Response To That From A Buyer. 

Think of it this way. Do you have a schedule that you follow for how you run your day? That is a template.

Do you have a plan on how someone Could
eat healthy? That is a template

There are so many use cases. 

1. Personal Cookbook:

Create a recipe database with ingredients, instructions, photos, and tags for different cuisines and meal types. You can also track your favorite food blogs & cooking tips.

2. Gratitude Journal:

Build a template to record daily gratitude entries, including the date, a short description, and an optional photo. This practice can promote mindfulness and positivity.

3. Movie/TV Show Tracker:

Organize a database of movies and TV shows you've watched or want to watch, with information such as release dates, genres, ratings, and personal reviews.

4. Gift Ideas & Wishlist:

Keep track of gift ideas for friends and family, as well as your own wishlist, with details like recipient, occasion, and budget. This can make shopping and planning for special events more manageable.

5. Home
Maintenance Log:

Develop a template to track home maintenance tasks, including their frequency, last completed date, and any additional notes or reminders.

6. Family Tree:

Design a template to visualize your family history, including photos, birthdates, and short biographies.

7. Pet Care:

Create a pet care log to track your pet's medical records, vaccination schedules, grooming appointments, and dietary needs.

8. Gaming Journal: 

Set up a gaming journal to record games you've played, completion status, favorite moments, and personal reviews.

9. Plant Care:

Make a template for tracking your indoor or outdoor plants, including their names, watering schedules, sunlight requirements, and other care instructions.

10. Dream Journal:

Build a template to document your dreams, including the date, a description, any recurring themes, and possible interpretations.

These aren’t super innovative ideas.

But that is the thing. Making money with Notion isn’t about being smart or super creative.

It is about recognizing that NOW is the time to create these and make a profit for ANY niche.

Just like years ago was when you wanted to buy bitcoin, years ago was when you wanted to get into Kindle Publishing.

Hindsight is 20/20.

From experience I can tell you that you want to get involved when the getting is good.

Get in now, make the crazy money while the scales Are Tipped

massively in your favor

There are millions of people that use notion and are willing to pay you for a template that fits their needs.

And that is the thing. You can make templates for ANY Niche.

There are literally millions of people that want these templates. 

They are super simple to make when you use the Notion Millions system.

When you combine that with the power of the AI specific strategy that Notion Millions uses to figure all the content out for you in seconds it is a complete game changer.

And I’m not talking little payments.

I Am Going To Show You How With Seconds Of Your Time And The Power
Of AI You Could Be Selling These Things For Crazy Money.

And it isn’t just about making a template. There are so many other ways to make money with
this when you know what to do.

Using the power of the Notion Millions system people will buy from you like crazy.

$100 bucks a pop all day long when you know the system. Seconds of your time for big profit.
What is seconds of your time worth? How about starting at $170! You have to remember. You are NOT getting paid by the hour. You are getting paid to give people what they want. It doesn’t matter that it takes a few seconds of your time. When you give people what they want that is all they care about.

We deliver what they want with basically zero effort, they pay handsomely and we are all happy. It is a win win! You spend your time watching tv if you want while the sales come in 24 hours a day
Now you might be happy getting paid $5 bucks a pop over and over again with a few seconds of your time. You might be happy with $100 over and over again.

Well did you know you can be getting $2000 bucks a pop when it comes to notion?! It is real and it is
a beautiful thing.
The bottom line is that there is room for all. There are items you can sell for low, medium and high ticket. All you need is the system that shows you how.
That is where Notion Millions comes in. 

I’ve made this system simple yet given you all of the power. That is what I am known for and I am excited
 to bring this to you
As a buyer of this system it is customized for how you want to do business. Is it about you being creative? This system has it. Is it simply about making money? This system has it. Is it about being on top of the latest strategy? This has it.

Do this because you are passionate about a niche, do this because you want a quick way to profit, do this for whatever reason you want. This system is a tool in your arsenal to crush it online. Use this power how you will. I haven’t even mentioned yet that you can use this to get recurring payments!

I love getting paid over and over again, month after month and you can absolutely do this with notion templates.
Think of it like this. Millions of people are part of the same
million niches that we know about.

They just want to be interacted with in a different way. Just like some people like Facebook, some like Twitter, Some like Youtube etc.

Some people (To the tune of millions) like and want notion
templates as part of their lives for what they are into.

You give it to them and profit. 

The sky is the limit right now for opportunity.

The reality is most people aren’t tech savvy. They love the power of notion for giving them what they want but they are intimidated to make something on their own.

Little do they know just how simple this really is to do and how you don’t have to be tech savvy at all! They didn’t know about the Notion Millions system. Sucks to be them!

With Notion Millions I show you just how super simple it is to make these templates (Especially when using AI). Again, it doesn’t matter that it took you seconds to make these.

To the person buying you gave them what they wanted and they gladly pay you for it.

I can go on and on with screen shots and examples not only of my success but that of others but in the end what is important is that YOU have this power.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my students succeed. I have made countless people money over the years and the Notion Millions strategy is amazing. The price is awesome, and it works.

If you want something on the forefront that really works from anywhere in the world with no experience or technical ability then pick this up!

See you on the inside. Seconds of your time for 24/7 payments. Notion Millions will not disappoint.

Get it now before I take it down!

See you on the inside,


James Renouf

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